• Devonshire Dementia Care umbrella installation

    Devonshire Dementia Care umbrella installation

Resources & Links 

Please find a list of resources and links where you can find information on elderly care, family support, finance and understanding dementia. 

Elderly Care and Family Support

Age UK

Age UK provides information and advice for the elderly about benefits, care and age discrimination.

Alzheimer’s Society 

Offers advice, information and support to people with dementia, their families and carers through its helpline and local branches.
Address: 43-44 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AE or call on 0330 333 0804.
Email: enquiries@alzheimers.org.uk


The leading UK Care Home review website with 18,132 Care Homes, 16 million+ visits per year & 116,124 Care Home reviews.

Dementia UK

Organisation providing support and advice through Admiral Nurses to families caring for a loved one living with dementia.

Independent Age

A charity that gives advice and information to older people, their relatives and carers across the UK.

Kingston DAA (Dementia Action Alliance)

The Kingston Dementia Action Alliance is made up of organisations across Kingston upon Thames, working together to radically improve the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

Relatives & Residents Association

An association that provides a consumer voice to promote the wellbeing and represent the interests of older people in residential care settings.


For more information on your NHS services and care providers.

Resident with Dementia engaging with staff

Residents and carers form close bonds

Devonshire Dementia day centre singing group

Free weekly Wednesday singing coffee mornings

Financial and Legal Advice

Citizens Advice Bureau

National network of free advice centres offering free, confidential and independent advice, face to face or by telephone. It can help you understand what your financial rights are when moving into a care home.
Phone: 03444 111 444 (England)
Address: Citizens Advice, 3rd Floor North, 200 Aldersgate, London EC1A 4HD.

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Help and advice from Adult Social Service in the Royal Borough of Kingston.

Surrey County Council

The amount you have to pay is determined through a financial assessment. You can now do your financial assessment online where you'll be able to see what you may have to pay towards your care and support.

Government and Regulatory bodies

Care Quality Commission

An organisation that regulates, inspects and reviews all adult social care services in the public, private and voluntary sectors in England.

Department of Health

The government department responsible for public health issues.

Devonshire Day Centre Sensory Garden

  Adult Social care

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

How to contact Adult Social Care:

Richmond Council Adult Access Team 
Adult Social Services,
Civic Centre, 44 York Street, Twickenham, TW1 3BZ.
Phone: 020 8891 7971
Minicom: 18001 020 8891 7971
Email: adultsocialservices@

If you need to speak to someone urgently outside of office hours, please ring the Duty Social Worker.
Phone: 020 8744 2442

Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

How to contact Adult Social care
Contact Your Healthcare for advice.

Address: Guildhall 2, High Street, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 1EU.
Phone: 020 8339 8000

If you need to speak to someone urgently outside of office hours, please ring the Duty Social Worker.
Phone: 020 8770 5000



Four articles from Alzeimer's Society

The news bulletins from the Alzheimer’s Society, July 2022 are particularly informative and interesting. 

Benefits for people affected by dementia

Nobody should face dementia alone' – why we need to invest in support after a diagnosis

Supporting a person with dementia who is experiencing vision and perception problems

Nanny had memory problems after a mini stroke

Two articles from Harvard Gazette

The importance that good relationships can have on your ageing and happiness.

An article on the latest research on causes of Alzheimer’s from Harvard Gazette.

Article from CTV News

Health care teams turn to CBD oil to treat difficult symptoms of dementia.

Article from Western University (London, Ontario)

An inspiring story of a senior citizen who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s four years ago decided to start attending lectures at Western University (in London, Ontario) to combat memory loss. 

Article from Vielight Inc

Photobiomodulation Research Continues.

Article from My Modern Met

France is building an “Alzheimer’s Village” for patients to live in freely.

The Women's Alzheimer's Movement

A website raising awareness of women’s increased risk for Alzheimer’s and educating the public — women and men — about lifestyle changes they can make to protect their brain health.

Article from The Women's Alzheimer's Movement

10 things every family should do when given a diagnosis of dementia

Video from Today

Millennials are getting ahead of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Two articles from Time

A blood test for detecting Alzheimer's is close at hand.

‘A Rinsing of the Brain.’ New Research Shows How Sleep Could Ward Off Alzheimer's Disease. 

Article from NPR

Is exercise the answer to staving off Alzheimer's?

Article from International Longevity Centre UK (ilc)

What would life be – without a song or dance, what are we?
This report by the Commission on Dementia and Music outlines the value and benefits of music for people with dementia and looks at the important next steps which can be taken to ensure that everyone with dementia is able to access music.

Two articles from Well+Good

The 'NEURO method' is the neurologist-approved way to protect brain health.

This new blood test could identify Alzheimer's disease decades before symptoms appear.

Article from Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation

Why women might be at higher risk for Alzheimer's.

Article from Being Patient

Lifestyle changes could delay or prevent 40% of dementia cases.

Article from CNN

Flu and pneumonia shots may lower risk for Alzheimer's, studies find.

Article from Alzeimer's Society

Mike and Angela’s story: ‘I must be with her before it’s too late’. 

Article from LA Times

Live a healthy lifestyle and you may reduce your risk for Alzheimer's.

Article from AP News

New clues reveal why women are more at risk for Alzheimer's than men.