• Stages of Dementia

    Stages of Dementia

04/07/2018, 13:03

Let thy food be thy medicine let thy medicine be thy food

Father of medicine Hippocrates said "Let thy food be thy medicine let thy medicine be thy food". Devonshire Dementia Care Home has been focusing on learning more about superfoods and adapting our recipes subtly so that Residents benefit without huge changes in the menus.

Two years ago we introduced coconut oil to our Residents diets after discovering and speaking to Dr Mary Newport whose research started with experiments on her dear husband who acquired Alzheimer’s. See www.coconutketones.com. The benefits of coconut oil are thought to prevent Alzheimer’s so reader it is something to think about!

We naively offered coconut oil shots and Residents were not receptive, for that matter neither were staff.  So now our chef Raffael makes sure that one tablespoon of coconut oil per Resident per day finds its way into their individual meal through baking, frying, or adding to porridge each day.   

We are discovering other superfoods that are said to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease such as blueberries, Kale and green leafy vegetables, Green tea, Cinnamon, Salmon and Turmeric. These foods have properties that we should all include in our diet and will be added to the Devonshire diet over the next few months.

BBQ at the Devonshire Dementia Care Home