Champion Day with Teepa Snow

Westminster Curio London Hotel

The Devonshire hosted a Champion Day at Westminster Curio London Hotel with Teepa Snow on Friday 7th of July, with two sessions, 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm. We invited anyone who is a family carer or works with families who could learn our approach as we promoted awareness and coached struggling families. 

Our passion was to help people living with dementia to have a better quality of life. A few years ago, we discovered the brilliant Teepa Snow and integrated her approach into our dementia care model, yielding positive results. Having decreased triggers, behaviours, and hospital admissions - we have managed to enhance the well-being of our Residents and the excellence of our compassionate care staff. Throughout a long dementia journey, family carers risk their own physical and mental health.

We intend for family carers to use this approach to help care for their loved ones. We're delighted to say that the event sold out, and was a huge success for everyone involved.

Teepa Snow